If You’re Planning on Going Pheasant Hunting, Read This!

Are you more enthralled with the act of the hunt than the actual act of making a kill? Does your heart race at the thought of silently creeping up on your prey and outsmarting it? If this sounds like you, pheasant hunting is the perfect type for you. Whether you hunt for meat or for sport, hunting pheasants is unique in that it takes a great deal of skill, patience, precision, and stealth.

How do you begin pheasant hunting? The first thing you should consider is the type of gun to choose. There are a wide variety of bird hunting guns that are lightweight and maneuverable enough to suit any situation. Do your research thoroughly-after all, if you purchase a gun that isn’t powerful enough, you may not have a successful hunt, whereas if you purchase a gun that’s too powerful, you run the risk of harming yourself and others, as well as damaging the pheasant carcass.

Another aspect to consider when pheasant hunting is your dog. There are lots of different breeds to choose from. Ideally, a good birding dog is one who will move as stealthily as you do, isn’t afraid of the sound of gunfire, and follows commands without deviation. Keep in mind that some breeds simply point toward the bird, while others will frighten the pheasant into flight. If you’d rather not purchase and train your own dog, it’s possible to rent a good birding dog as well. Either way, they’re an essential part of pheasant hunting.

There are many tips to keep in mind while pheasant hunting. For example, gun safety is a crucial part of this type of hunting. Tension is high, and an accurate kill depends on quick reflexes and a steady hand. If you don’t have a cool head throughout this, it’s very easy to accidentally shoot a fellow hunter or even your dog. When pheasant hunting, make sure to move in a formation where you are at the least risk of friendly fire and always be sure to keep gun safety firmly in mind.

If you want to make a weekend of your hunting, taking a guided hunt is a fun way to truly get the most out of your experience. This is especially ideal if you’re just starting out and want to learn what it’s like. You are accompanied by accomplished guides who can give you hunting tips and share stories. Once you’re through hunting, you can return to your cabin and enjoy the hot meals the company provides you with.

7 Goose Hunting Tips For Beginners

Do not ever venture into sports hunting unless you are armed with a little basic knowledge about it! Especially where goose hunting is concerned, because the wily birds can prove too smart for a novice like you unless you learn how to outsmart them! There are plenty of goose hunting tips for you to pick up, but choose only the ones that you think will suit your style. After all, every tip cannot work for every situation!

Some tested and proven goose hunting tips are listed below–

(1) The Internet has online forums where members share goose hunting tips. Even better, you could become a member of a local hunting club. Quite a few of these clubs hand out information regarding not only their own areas but surrounding locations too. As an amateur hunter, you can even ask for a guide to be provided; the rates for services are reasonable. If they cannot provide guides themselves, these clubs can direct you to local guide services.

(2) In general, goose hunting tips are applicable to different locations and settings. Your task is to select those that meet your hunting requirements. Your major interest lies in getting educated about strategies so that you have a successful hunt.

(3) The area where you are planning to hunt should be thoroughly scouted in advance, say three to four days earlier. As a matter of fact, since it is your first time, take the help of a guide. This is considered to be one of the most significant goose hunting tips. Gather information about the different bodies of water which the birds are likely to use as a take off and landing platform, their regular movements and their feeding patterns and feeding fields.

(4) Blinds are popular equipment where goose hunting is concerned. Those keeping low and blending well with the surroundings (coloration and terrain) are a great choice! Oh yes, do ensure that the blinds are put up well before dawn. If the blinds are not set up properly, the geese are not even going to land in that area. They are quick to notice disturbances and anything that does not look familiar.

(5) Placement of decoys requires quite a bit of creativity, especially if it is the latter half of the season since the geese have by now become wise to all the tricks planned by the hunters! The best way to place them is in patterns of X, U or J. This sort of a “spread” aids in judging approximately how the geese will position themselves while feeding.

(6) Another of the goose hunting tips offered is regarding a goose caller. The birds use a variety of calls to communicate among themselves, concerning danger, feeding and flocking. A manual one has to be handled with expertise for the birds to believe that the calls are genuine. There are electronic callers on offer too, but you have to find out if they can be used or not. Hunting regulations in certain areas forbid their use, claiming that it is illegal.

(7) The last of the goose hunting tips is related to flags. Flags and their movements are meant to imitate these birds and their movements. The flags are generally gray or black in color. You have to perfect your own movements before you can even consider fooling an entire flock! An alternative is to use decoys with wing movements or decoys mounted on stands with spring attachments. When you see the flock moving towards you, just stand still!

Graphic Bear Hunting Pictures – How To Find Them

You may well ask why graphic bear hunting pictures should be displayed at all? Well, the purpose behind this is to share information with fellow hunters via real pictures. They also prove to be educational tools passed on from seasoned hunters to novices. Beginners get to know the thrill of a hunt. Finally, if animal rights activists get to see these photographs, they may come to believe that sports hunting is not as disgusting as they think it is! And of course, no two thoughts about it–the World Web is the best place to exhibit photographs and share opinions about anything and everything under the sun!

Now, graphic bear hunting pictures are actually what they indicate–“very graphic” in nature! Being photographs of actual kills, they display a large amount of blood and even internal parts spilling out. The hunters responsible for bringing the animals down are also to be seen. Those who are weak-hearted or dead against hunting are better advised to stay away from these pictures!

As a matter of fact, videos are even more real! There are DVDs that depict graphic bear hunting pictures too. These videos go one step further in that they not only depict the actual hunt, but also what happens after the bear is killed. How large the animal is, how to cape and blood it–all this can be viewed in detail. The DVDs can only be purchased online, but at affordable rates.

Coming back to good online graphic bear hunting pictures, they reveal only what is essential so that the other hunters get an idea about bear hunting–how the animal was killed, the differences in size between the hunted and the hunter, the pelt that has been thoroughly cleaned. Too much of bloody gore is not considered a necessary presentation.

The great bulk of the animal felled can be made out easily via graphic bear hunting pictures. The pelt (like that of a grizzly, for instance) is held up alongside a group of hunters. In fact, a hunter is seen holding the paw of a bear in two hands, in one of the photographs. The bear’s paw is so large that a third hand could fit in between! Actually, even the hunter’s face is not as large as the monster’s paw!

Another well-known photograph is that of a dead polar bear that is still bleeding. The accompanying story relates how a hunter sleeping in his tent was attacked by this bear. The animal was shot soon after. The hunter can thank his stars that he is alive in spite of being mauled so badly!

Finally, some graphic bear hunting pictures disclose that rifles were used in the harvesting of large bears. Thus, “graphic pictures” give “graphic ideas” about bear hunting in general!

Choosing The Right Knife For Your Outdoor Sport

There are many different types of knives available, and as with many other tools, if you don’t have the right one, it’s likely to cause problems. Here are a few tips for choosing the right knife for your outdoor sport.


Most hunting knives are designed for skinning. If you want your knife to be good for skinning, the main thing you should pay attention to is the blade shape. You want a rounded or drop point so that when you are “ripping” the skin, the point of your knife will not dig into the meat.

Also, you’ll probably want a fixed blade knife, as folding blades have to many crevices to trap blood and mess in.


Choosing a knife for camping can be tough, because you need a versatile knife. For this reason, you’ll often find that a swiss army knife or multi tool may fill your needs best. Also, you may want to add a saw, hatchet, or machete to your pack before you leave, for tougher cutting jobs.


You should probably get a fillet knife for fishing. A fillet knife is well designed for cleaning fish, and it can also cut fishing line well, which is the other main task for a fishing knife. If you plan on fishing in salt water, be sure your knife is designed to withstand the corrosion of saltwater.


Trappers will generally want a a skinning knife, much like a hunting knife. Tougher tasks are normally done with an axe, so a second knife isn’t normally necessary.


A boaters main need for a knife is cutting line. You’ll need a sharp knife, that is easily accesible and quickly deployed, in case you need to cut a line in a hurry. Be sure that the knife will stand up to wet conditions, too.

Perfect 50th Birthday Presents For The Sports Fan

Need an idea for a 50th birthday present? Well, if the birthday girl or guy is a sports fanatic, I’ve got some great ideas for you. Why settle for buying the same old stuff when a sports-themed gift will show that lucky 50-to-be just how much you care? When it comes to ideas for perfect gifts for sports fans, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Follows are just a few “fan”tastic ideas for you to consider.

Autographed Memorabilia

Every sports nut loves getting a ball, card, or any item autographed by their favorite hero. Luckily these items are pretty easy to find on eBay or in hobby shops around the country. There are also websites that specialize in autographed memorabilia. The prices vary depending on the rarity and condition of the item but you should be able to find something to fit every budget.

Sports-Themed Gift Basket

Gift baskets aren’t just for women anymore! Men and ladies alike will enjoy a gift basket filled with items representing their favorite sport or game. One idea for a baseball basket could contain a baseball (autographed or not), a baseball coffee mug, a couple of favorite player’s baseball cards (rookie cards are usually the most wanted), and maybe a couple of tickets for a game in the future. You can substitute items for any sport, hunting, fishing or even games such as bridge. This custom and personal gift is guaranteed to be a big hit at any birthday bash!

Monogrammed Or Personalized Balls

Inexpensive yet very personal presents, monogrammed balls provide a sense of pride every time the birthday guy or gal plays their sport in the future. You can find companies online that are willing to put initials on just about any type of ball. Other sports-related items, such as bats, shoes, and gloves can also be monogrammed. Personalized sports items are imprinted with a logo or motto, something other than initials. It may be harder to find a company doing personalized than monogrammed but those golf balls with the “Chin Up!” motto on them are well worth it.

Sports Scene Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are customized similar to gift baskets. However, the items in the shadowbox remain in the shadowbox and are displayed usually on a wall or thin shelf. Most of the time when creating a shadowbox, miniature items are used to create a scene relating to the theme. For example, for a fishing shadowbox, you may have a little boat on a little imitation pond with a couple of people fishing as the imitation sun comes up in the background. Shadowboxes are mostly used to give the owner a sense of nostalgia or escape from reality.

These are just a few ways to celebrate the sport of choice with 50th birthday presents. With a little imagination and some research, there are endless options for the sports fan’s big day!

Bow Hunting

Archery is both the skill and the practice of using a bow to shoot arrows and hit a target. These days, it is a renowned sport of precision and accuracy but this skill dates back to early history as a tool for hunting and a weapon in conflict. Archery was seen in the histories of the different cultures all over the continents, all except Australia.

The initial evidence of archery is the “tya,” which is a bow that was probably used for hunting and was later turned into a weapon for combat. These bows ultimately took over the use of the “spear-thrower” as the main tool for launching projectiles. The spear thrower launches projectiles by using leverage to gain a greater velocity. It is made of a shaft with a hook where the end of the spear rests and is thrown by the movement of the upper arm and wrist.

The use of Archery in hunting is more commonly called Bow Hunting. In our modern society, hunting is no longer our main source of food and livelihood. This is because we can buy food and almost anything in shops and grocery stores. In this day and age, hunting is considered as a sport, calling the kill ‘game.’ And, as in all sports, hunting is regulated by a lot of rules and regulations. Some people also target fish and use modified bows. This is called bow fishing.

In North America, for example, regulations for bow hunting concern the hunting unit, which means the location of the hunt; the season, pertaining to the particular time; and what type (male or female) of animal species can be hunted down. Most of the time, Bow hunters are given a special season to hunt so that conflict with rifle hunters are kept at a minimum. Also, there are technical regulations in the hunt such as the minimum draw weight that is applied to the hunting of big game species. This is to maximize shot lethality and game recovery.

Bow hunters are different from rifle hunters because rifles can shoot from a range of more than 200 meters away. A good archer is careful and will restrict his shots to less than 60 meters, taking into consideration several factors such as the archer’s ability, the draw weight regulated and the target animal among others. Good bow hunters also choose to restrict their shooting range and prefer to shoot from a shorter distance. This is to make sure that the target is killed swiftly, humanely and with as little arrows as possible. Shooting from a closer distance allows the hunter a far more personal hunting experience because they get to test the target’s senses of sight, hearing and smell as well as their own. This limit in range is a huge challenge for the hunter and is one of the main reasons why archery hunting is a very striking sport.

As with weapons of war, there are a lot of types of bows that an archer can choose from. Traditional bows like the self bows, the longbows and recurve bows are able to accurately launch their arrows from a distance more than 20 yards but they shoot best when shot from a range of less than 20 meters. Nowadays, compound bows are usually preferred by bow hunters but seeing hunters with recurve bows are also common and legal in North America.

The favorite though is still the longbow because most hunters prefer to make the whole hunting experience as traditional as possible. However, more skill is needed to manipulate a longbow and achieve a clean hit than with other types of bows. Crossbows are generally used by the disabled hunters but its use by able hunters has been allowed in several states in 2005.

True to any weapon, proper training, skill and practice of the archer are needed to be able to bring out the best in a bow and hit a bull’s eye. Even more will be required to take down an animal target cleanly, humanely and with one shot if possible. An excellent archer can kill with one well-placed shot as efficiently as a hunter with a rifle.

Ethics of Hunting As a Sport

‘Hunting’ gives rise to different connotations in the modern world as compared to ancient civilizations when man roamed around for food. In those early days, man hunted animals for food and used their skins, claws, teeth and bones for several purposes such as protection in cold weather, as ornaments and jewelry and as medicine. However, in modern times, hunting has become a sport indulged in by pursuing, tracking and killing animals purely for pleasure considering that man no longer needs to hunt animals for food.

In recent years, hunting has been banned in several countries where this sport has led to severe depletion of animal numbers leading some even to extinction. This includes several species and varieties of animals, birds, reptiles and fish. Even though laws have been enacted to protect species, the menace of poaching continues unabated in several regions of the world where rare and exotic species of animals and birds continue to be captured or killed for sale as commodities in markets. Hunting as a sport has been a subject of intense debate, as many are of the view that it cannot be called a ‘sport’ when defenseless creatures are hunted down and killed for pleasure. In fact, hunting as a sport is believed to imply frivolity and a lack of respect for animals, leading many to label it as ‘killing for fun’.

Since the end of the last century when the issue of ‘species extinction’ began to gain traction, several organizations around the world such as Greenpeace, Peta and so on brought into the open how hunting was carried in the name of wildlife management, conservation and population control and has led to the extinction of several rare and beautiful species of animals like the Tasmanian Tiger, Carolina Parakeet, Passenger Pigeon, Eastern Elk, Eastern Cougar and many others.

While wildlife professionals who term themselves hunters pretend to control ecosystems through killing of animals like bears, mountain lions and wolves, the damage that this causes to the natural ecosystem of a particular region is very severe. By eliminating natural predators, several regions around the world lost their inherent wildlife. As an example, we can look at the Yellowstone National Park in the USA where recently wolves were reintroduced. This increased the natural bio-diversity of the park creating a ‘ripple’ effect and showing an increase in several native plant, bird and animal species and aiding natural habitat and water body recovery.

Hunting began as a task for survival and has now become a choice for recreation; fundamentally, that is the difference between hunting and hunting as a sport.

Hunting: Solving the Problem

I have been hunting for over 10 years now and I have a great appreciation for the animals and the sport itself, which is why I will always defend it. Most people think that hunting is harmful to the environment, unsafe for people, and inhumane to the animals. In reality, hunting is not harmful to the environment and is safe due to regulations by law. Also, hunting is humane because hunters aim for the vitals of the animal so that they pass away quickly and with little pain. There are very few hunters out there who are unethical and society likes to focus of these people to make points on why hunting is bad.

Hunting is a very healthy sport for the environment and actually helps the ecosystem. Hunting is only healthy for the environment when there is an abundance of the animal that you are hunting. There are very strict regulations set by law and enforced by DNR officers that prevent overhunting. For example, hunters have to purchase permits for the animal they are going to hunt and with most animals there are a certain amount of permits you can purchase. The money from the permits helps support the state conservation and wildlife programs as well as the federal aid in wildlife restoration program. This law prevents overhunting of animals which can cause them to become endangered. In fact, when a certain species such as deer, become over populated they become very harmful to the environment because they will destroy corn/bean fields. They will also venture into populated areas and become a nuisance. More and more people die each year due to car crashes caused by deer and other large animals. Abolishing hunting will only cause these populations to grow way out of control which will cause major problems. Eventually, if hunting is abolished the ecosystem could completely change for the worst. This is because humans are the only predator for most of the animals being hunted.

People assume hunting is dangerous because it involves weapons and killing animals. This is completely false because of the DNR. According to The Department of Natural Resources, Illinois hunters are required to go through a hunter safety course that teaches people of all ages how to properly use a gun and bow safely. This class also teaches students how to be an ethical hunter and teaches students how to respect the environment. Also, to use or purchase a gun you need a FOID card which you can only get if you have taken the course. These laws help keep people safe while hunting because they are all educated in how to handle guns and bows. Also, all guns that hunters are allowed to use have a safety button which disables the gun from firing. There are only a few accidents a year due to hunting but that is expected when the numbers of hunters is climbing each year. It can become unsafe when an area is being hunted by too many people because the risk of an accident is much greater. Luckily, most states that allow hunting on public ground have a certain hunter to acre ratio making hunting public ground safe. Most of the time hunting is done in tree stands which can be up to 20 feet in the air. Because it is dangerous to be that high up, many companies make a safety system that is connected to the tree and also to a harness that you wear outside your clothes. This harness makes it a lot safer in the tree because if you fall from your stand it will catch you, which could save your life. However, it is not required to wear this safety harness so hunters who choose not to wear it are at their own risk. I have always used a safety harness because falling from the top of a tree could easily kill you. Fortunately I have never actually fallen out of my tree or needed to use my safety harness but it always keeps me a peace knowing it’s impossible for me to fall when I’m strapped to the tree.

Hunting is one of the oldest activities known to humans and the only sport which has played a vital role in the survival of the humans over the years. Every hunter knows where to shoot an animal to kill it in the most humane way. No one likes to see an animal suffer for no good reason which is why hunters sight in their guns and bows so that they can make a clean kill. There are many shooting ranges that make it safe to sight in guns in town. This saves people from going out into the country and shooting at homemade targets which can be dangerous. For most animals you should aim for the heart and lungs so that the animal will die quickly. Once the animal is dead most hunters take it to a butcher or meat locker where they remove all of the meat so that nothing on the animal gets wasted. The fur can be sold to stores where they can make nice coats or jackets that are always very warm. Other hunters skin and remove all of the meat themselves which can save money and still puts nothing to waste.

Hunting is the only sport that has allowed the human race to survive thousands of years ago and grow its technology to where it is today. Hunting is just as safe as all other sports, is humane for the animals, and is not harmful to the environment if regulated. I completely understand why people are against hunting and mean no disrespect, but I strongly disagree with them. I believe that we will have hundreds of more problems if we abolish hunting because the ecosystem will become out of control. As humans we are a part of the ecosystem and I believe it is our job to continue to be in control because we have the ability to understand how we can affect our environment.

How to Choose Your Hunting Supplies

Hunting is one of the most favorite sports of various people. It has been popular since a long period of time. Previously the kings were fond of this sport and they used to make sure that they enjoy themselves to the fullest extent. But now common people too enjoy this sport.

There are certain things that must be considered before you can plan hunting. It is always better to plan your hunting spree in a group. There are certain hunting supplies which are required to make sure that your hunting preparations are complete.

There are different kinds of hunting and most of them are quite interesting. You might be familiar with the term skeet shooting. This is quite an old method of hunting which is also known as target hunting. When you collect the hunting supplies you need to be sure about the type of hunting in which you are interested.

The supplies usually vary according to the type. The outfit is one of the major requirements of this sport. You need to make sure that you choose the outfit in which you are comfortable as well as safe.

Camouflaging is very important in case of this sport. You need to choose proper pants, warm jackets as well as field clothes. If you are going to shoot in some upland or mountain areas then you need to make sure that you get warm clothes, sweat shirts or mountain jackets.

Other than the supplies you also need to make sure that you take proper care about the hunting license. If you want to go for a deer or turkey hunt then you will surely require the license.

Being a resident of the United States you must have your license to hunt in the 50 states of US. You should have license for both hunting as well as fishing. If you love hunting and you want a license then you should find out the requirements to get the license.

You can visit the local community to learn more about the requirements. There is a common requirement which almost every state has. Children who are under 14 years of age and are applying for the hunting license should always be supervised by some adult.

Other than this, a hunter must also register all his weapons before he gets the license. To learn more about hunting you can check out the various hunting videos available on the internet these days.

These videos are quite interesting and even if you do not go hunting you will love them. To get the best hunting supplies check out the local hunting stores as well as the internet. Some of the websites can even offer the supplies at a lower cost.

Sport Hunting Should Not Be Banned

Hunting for sport of food is a relaxing, exciting and educational experience for hunters of all ages. There are many claims that this type of hunting has no beneficial results and therefore should be banned. However, there are many who do not understand the true purpose for hunting and therefore do not realized that sport hunting should not be banned. Education is lacking when an assumption is made stating hunting is only recreational and leaves damage without good.

Many benefits come from hunting not only to the hunter, but to the natural world as well. Without the hunter, many breeds of animals would become overpopulated and eventually die off from starvation due to the excessive numbers and lower food percentage per herd. Not only would there be an overpopulation of many animals, but there would also be a vast area for disease and inner-herd killings. In nature, it is survival of the fittest, those that are weak and old will be the first attacked, even by their own kind.

Hunting offers benefits to the hunter as well. There are the benefits of education, by watching and studying the animals, the hunter will in turn learn how they associate among themselves, their patters for breeding and migration, and their tendencies of behavior. Therefore, the hunter will not only benefit by this knowledge within his hunt but also an understanding of what animals to harvest when hunting. Sick or deformed animals often give the hunter a sense of sympathy when hunting. It is unlikely that this animal will live very long and may possibly spread its disease or deformities to the other animals or when breeding. It is easy to see why sport hunting should not be banned when taking the information from this perspective and applying it to the natural order of life.

This type of hunting also provides excitement and a chance for a relaxing connection with nature. During a hunt, the hunter is often sitting in silence and connecting with nature. This opportunity allows for the hunter to take in his surrounding and learn the area around him. Knowing the vegetation and the growth rate of the area crops is an important step to being a good hunter. This knowledge comes through conservation of the land being managed for hunting. Through this land management, the plant life and animal life become more abundant and prosperous.

Sport hunting should not be banned for lack of knowledge on the part of protesters. There are many environmental benefits to the vegetation and wildlife. The health of the animals and the life cycle that produces from healthy wildlife is important to hunters proving to produce larger, stronger wildlife without damaging their chances of survival. Hunting also brings benefit to humans through the control of the wildlife and the predatory animals that would turn to the neighborhoods when overpopulation occurs. These dangerous animals are wolves, bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats. Hunting wildlife keeps disease among wildlife at a lower rate and ensures better survival.

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